Georges Bizet (1838 - 1875)

From 10/12/2004 in Antwerp - from 06/01/2005 in Ghent

  • Ivan Törzs
  • Calixto Bieito
  • Annie Vavrille
  • Rosita Kekyte
  • Chris De Moor
  • Ivan Ludlow
  • Musical direction: Ivan Törzs
  • Director: Calixto Bieito
  • Carmen: Annie Vavrille / Nora Gubisch
  • Don José: Brandon Jovanovich
  • Escamillo: Wojtek Drabowicz
  • Micaela: Rosita Kekyte

Carmen, the best-known title of the French opera repertoire, lives in collective memory as an opera imbued with southern passion and full of rich exotic colouring. But however much Bizet’s last opera is sprinkled with Spanish couleur locale, the core is still Prosper Mérimée’s stark drama of a deserting soldier who falls for the charms of a provocative gypsy woman. Following their instincts proves to be their downfall. 

With her famous habanera, L’Amour est un oiseau rebelle, Carmen has become an icon of erotic seduction and fatal attraction. Carmen’s desire for freedom and the opera’s focus on the lowest classes were a slap in the face of the Paris public of the time.

The controversial Catalan director Calixto Bieito is bringing us a Carmen in a flashing production with a contemporary film-like suspense.  



Surtitles: Dutch.


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