De Toverfluit


De Toverfluit

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)

From 11/02/2006 in Antwerp - from 15/03/2006 in Ghent

  • Koen Kessels
  • Benoît De Leersnyder
  • Jeroen de Vaal
  • Sabine Conzen
  • An De Ridder
  • Anja Van Engeland
  • Musical direction: Koen Kessels
  • Director: Waut Koeken
  • Papageno: Benoît De Leersnyder / Kobe Baeyens
  • Tamino: Jeroen de Vaal / Peter Gijsbertsen
  • Pamina: Sabine Conzen / An De Ridder
  • Koningin van de nacht: Anja Van Engeland

Waut Koeken has made a children’s version, in Dutch, of Mozart’s fable Die Zauberflöte. The young director deliberately stuck very closely to the composer’s original music dramaturgy, as any drastic changes would only have spoiled the magic and complicated the story, but still managed to give the fable a refreshing new twist. The children follow the characters on their breath-taking journey to adulthood and witnesses how the vulnerable bird-catchers, brave princes, and lonely princesses all grow in love and truth. Waut Koeken’s libretto is written in a plain everyday Dutch that is a match for the 18th-century vernacular of Schikaneder. This quite delightful Toverfluit never patronises its young audience, but stimulates the children’s intelligence, plays on their emotions, and appeals to their boundless imagination. The new production of this all-time classic is as amusing and refreshing as the original.


Surtitles: Dutch.




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