Die Lustige Witwe


Die Lustige Witwe

Franz Lehár

From 07/02/2006 in Ghent - from 29/04/2006 in Antwerp

  • Michel Tilkin
  • Cheryl Barker
  • Tommi Hakala
  • Hendrickje Van Kerckhove
  • Matthias Klink
  • Piet Vansichen
  • Musical direction: Michel Tilkin
  • Director: Lee Blakeley
  • Hanna Glawari: Cheryl Barker / Edith Haller
  • Graf Danilo Danilowitsch: Tommi Hakala
  • Graf Danilo Danilowitsch: Mathias Hausmann
  • Valencienne: Hendrickje Van Kerckhove / Ilse Eerens

With The Merry Widow the Austrian-Hungarian composer Franz Lehár wrote THE succes operetta of the 20th century. This winner, written in the same year as Strauss’ Salome, shows a rich allochtonous community, in Paris, beginning of the previous century. 
Graaf Danilo meets his old love Hanna, once penniless, but later she married a well-to-do banker. Danillo is secretary of the embassy of Balkan State Pontevedro. The ambassador wants to bring Danilo and Hanna together again because otherwise her fortune would go to a Parisian and as a consequence not to the economically unstable Pontevedro. This is the starting shot for a crazy comedy full of intrigues. 
Léhar delivers a bubbling score with all possible orchestral refinement, stirring dance rythms and an abundance of lyrical inspiration.


Surtitles: Dutch.




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