In the meantime...

  • Copyright Vlaamse Opera / Annemie Augustijns
  • Copyright Vlaamse Opera / Annemie Augustijns


In the meantime...

From 09/05/2012 in Ghent - from 13/05/2012 in Antwerp

  • Director: Victoria Pfortmuller
  • Hendrik: Rik Willebrords
  • Amalia: Ildiko van Dyck
  • De Duc: Miguel Torres
  • Sancho: Jokke Martens
  • Vrienden: Caroline Asaerts / Joris Grouwels

Protest songs from then and now

When the Spanish ruled the Netherlands in the 16th century, the Geuzen were the heroes of their time. Tirelessly, they battled against the foreign oppressor. Their unrelenting fighting spirit was an inspiration for many writers and composers, and these stories and songs are the inspiration for this performance.

In tussentijd (In the meantime) is a story about occupation and liberation of the heart and the world, about love, protest and rebellion. It departs from the world we live in: who is today's oppressor, who is the ‘Geus’ and what is left after the euphoria of a revolution? Parallel to Donizetti's opera Le Duc d’Albe we made a genuine ‘Geuzen opera’ with the students of the Antwerp conservatory. A musical theatre performance about protests songs from then and now, for a young audience.


  • Director
  • Set design
    Eva-Maria Van Acker
  • Costumes
    Eva-Maria Van Acker
  • Music
    Bart Van Reyn
  • Hendrik
    Rik Willebrords
  • Amalia
    Ildiko van Dyck
  • De Duc
  • Sancho
    Jokke Martens
  • Vrienden
    Caroline Asaerts
  • Joris Grouwels
  • Troubadour
    Tobias Hermans