Il Barbiere di Siviglia


Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Gioachino Rossini (1792 - 1868)

From 09/06/2005 in Ghent - from 29/06/2005 in Antwerp

  • Ivan Törzs
  • Guy  Joosten
  • Stephanie Houtzeel
  • Iain Paton
  • Anja Van Engeland
  • Benoît De Leersnyder
  • Musical direction: Ivan Törzs
  • Director: Guy Joosten
  • Figaro: Lionel Lhote
  • Rosina: Stephanie Houtzeel
  • Il Conte d'Almaviva: Iain Paton
  • Basilio: Alexander Vinogradov

Whereas in Le Nozze di Figaro, the notorious barber and jack-of-all-trades thwarts Count Almaviva in his amorous adventures, in Rossini’s opera buffa, he features as the count’s perfect accomplice.
Almaviva, a reputed ladies’ man, has designs on the graceful Rosina. But Rosina is jealously guarded by her guardian, Dottore Bartolo, who considers her his future spouse. After a series of complications and typically Italian confusions, however, it is Almaviva who eventually marries Rosina.
Rossini was one of many composers who adapted the well-liked play by Beaumarchais for the opera. His lively musical theatre and his inventive melodic style leave the other Barbieres far behind. No wonder that Giovanni Paisiello, the author of an earlier much-admired Barbiere, was disgruntled at being outclassed by Rossini’s remake.

De Vlaamse Opera brings this festive closing piece of the season in a brand-new direction by Guy Joosten.


Surtitles: Dutch.




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