Christian Kemmetmüller

Lightning in Jevgeni Onegin


The Austrian Christian Kemmetmüller began as the lighting designer at Schauspiel Stuttgart. From 1992 he was lighting designer and director of the lighting in the Hamburger Kammerspiele, where he worked with Brian Michels, Falk Richter, Nicolas Stemann and setdesigners Heinz Hauser, Raimund Bauer, Barbara Ehnes and Peter Pabst. He also worked for Dominique Horwitz, and Uli Tukur Tocotronic and together with André Diot for Peter Zadek. Since 2006 he has been head of the lighting in the Theater Bremen responsible for the lighting in productions of a.o. Andrea Engel, Frank-Patrick Steckel and Michael Hampe and setdesigners Klaus Grünberg and Hermann Feuchter. Last season he worked for Vera's Nemirova Celan, and this season he made with Philipp Himmelmann Norma and Don Giovanni with Andrea Moses. After Le Grand Macabre Jevgeni Onegin is the second collaboration with Tatyana Gürbaca.

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  • Jevgeni Onegin is the typical ‘superfluous man’ commonly encountered in 19th-century Russian literature: cultivated, intelligent and sensitive, but incapable of emotional commitment and of finding...