Kát'a Kabanová

  • Copyright Vlaamse Opera / Annemie Augustijns


Kát'a Kabanová

Leoš Janácek

From 03/02/2004 in Antwerp - from 25/02/2004 in Ghent

  • Friedemann Layer
  • Robert Carsen
  • Guy De Mey
  • Natascha Petrinsky
  • Romain Bischoff
  • Musical direction: Friedemann Layer
  • Director: Robert Carsen
  • Kát'a Kabanová: Michaela Kaune
  • Kabanicha: Kathryn Harries
  • Boris: Richard Decker
  • Kudrjas: Alexander Krawetz

Like "Jenufa", "Kát’a Kabanová" is set in a small and stifling community that denies its members most forms of self-fulfilment. Kát’a wants to escape from her loveless marriage with the spineless, mother-dominated merchant Tichon and begins an affair with Boris, the only man in her provincial environment who understands her dreams and desires.
In the direct style that is so characteristic of him, Janácek paints a gripping psychodrama, without frills, in which the couleur locale is pared down to an absolute minimum.


Surtitles: Dutch.


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