La Traviata


La Traviata

Giuseppe Verdi (1813 - 1901)

From 10/06/2003 in Ghent - from 29/06/2003 in Antwerp

  • Ivan Törzs
  • Fiorella Burato
  • Soner Bülent Bezdüz
  • Maartje de Lint
  • Eric Raes
  • Marc Claesen
  • Musical direction: Ivan Törzs
  • Director: Martin Duncan
  • Violetta Valéry: Annalisa Raspagliosi / Fiorella Burato
  • Alfredo Germont: Soner Bülent Bezdüz
  • Giorgio Germont: Wojtek Drabowicz
  • Flora Bervoix: Maartje de Lint

‘La Traviata’ is both the last opera in what is known as Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘trilogia popolare’ or ‘popular trilogy’ (the other two being ‘Rigoletto’ and ‘Il Trovatore’) and the last work of his that he still composed in what critics have called the master’s ‘personal style’, a style which, in the tradition of the ‘melodramma’, paints a moving portrait of the individual and that was first developed in ‘Luisa Miller’. This opera, which is today considered, quite rightly, as one of the high points in Verdi’s lyrical oeuvre, was badly received at its première, with indignant reactions to the presumed immorality of the story.


Surtitles: Dutch.


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