Alban Berg

27/01/1999 in Antwerp - 13/02/1999 in Ghent

  • Ivo van Hove
  • Susannah  Self
  • Guy De Mey
  • David Pittman-Jennings
  • Werner Van Mechelen
  • Piet Vansichen
  • Musical direction: Bernhard Kontarsky
  • Director: Ivo van Hove
  • Lulu: Constance Hauman
  • Gräfin Geschwitz: Susan Bickley
  • Theatergarderobiere/ Gymnasiast/ Groom: Susannah Self
  • Der Maler/ Der Neger: Guy De Mey

As a distillation of "Erdgeist" and "Die Büchse der Pandora" by Frank Wedekind, Alban Berg's opera is a breathtaking dance of death around the ever seductive and elusive Lulu.
A force of nature and a woman of the world, Lulu is also a wilful and excellent actress. The composer sees her as a coloratura virtuoso, who light-heartedly moves through a whole series of catastrophes which she unwittingly initiates. The stage director Ivo Van Hove makes his opera debut with Berg's most ambitious score, in Friedrich Cerha's completed version in three acts.


Surtitles: Dutch.




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