Want to know more?



45 minutes before every opera production, our dramaturgs give a free introduction in our foyer; an ideal last-minute preparation.



Three weeks before the première rehearsal photographs are available on the page of the performance, one week before the performance video material and after the première photographs of the performance itself. Keep an eye on the website if you want to come to a performance! 



Flanders Opera organises a series of fringe activities around every opera, such as introductions, backstages and discussions. Check the PLUS programme in our agenda to view the full offer. Please note: all these activities are in Dutch.



Vlaamse Opera Nu! provides background information, interviews and inspiration for your visit to the opera. The magazine appears every two months and is free. Please note: the magazine is in Dutch.



CD s, DVD s and books that cover the themes of the opera productions are available in the box office and before the performance and during the interval. The directors, conductors and dramaturgs always make a critical selection. More information is available on the page of every performance.



The programme is a nicely designed booklet about every opera or concert. It provides both a short ‘introduction’, which explains the subject, and serious reflections about the themes on which the production focuses. And last but not least: it contains a full bilingual libretto of the opera.

Programmes are available 10 days before the première in the box office and before and during the performance in the entrance hall. Please note: the introduction texts are all in Dutch.