Tailored opera

With children

Family performances

Take children to the opera? Absolutely! We are not talking about a three hour performance in another language but one of our very own children's productions. Almost every month we perform a fun children's production either in Antwerp or Ghent. And often, children are able to actively participate. Keep an eye on our calendar or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. Please note: all children's performances are in Dutch.

From the age of 12 children are ready for operas. We always make a selection of the performances that are suited for youngsters.

School performances

Children can also visit the opera with their class. Both children and youth performances, guided tours, tailor-made opera introductions or entire school projects together with the opera are possible. Our school page explains everything. 


Opera is for all ages. We want to provide an extra incentive to people under 26, and lower the threshold by offering cheap tickets. First time? Especially for you we have listed a number of practical items and provide tips for the most accessible operas. Want to be pleasantly surprised?

Young people receive a lot of advantages:

  • Last-minutes at € 8: on the day of the performance all free tickets are sold for € 8 to people under 26. Last-minute tickets are available half an hour before the start of the performance at the box office. Check online whether any seats are available up to the evening before the performance.
  • CJP-discount: 50% discount on all ticket prices.
  • Culture vouchers: with a culture voucher of Antwerp's Hogescholen and university you can go to the opera, concerts or ballet performances very cheaply. To exchange them come to the box office before the performance (not the evening itself) and find a good seat. From category 4, not for online reservations, only in Antwerp.

Youngster season tickets: up to 70% discount. Season tickets are available at the box office.

With the whole class

Guided tours

Special guided tours of the opera buildings of Antwerp of Ghent are organised for classes.

School performances

Even more fun than a tour is going to an opera performance with your class. You can go to an evening performance with your whole class via the opera introductions, but we also provide performances for young audiences during school times. School presentations are only available in Dutch.

Opera introductions

An opera introduction comprises different meetings. First you find out how an opera house operates via a guided tour. We will also come to your school to talk about the performance you are going to watch. And the introduction package also includes a ticket to watch an evening performance.

School projects

Apart from the opera introductions, for which we co-operate with schools over a short period, some schools work out a longer-term project together with Flanders Opera and other Partners, such as Jeugd en Muziek. This season some schools have started their own choir or created their own version of one of the operas programmed this season.

As a group

Groups are also welcome at the opera. Discover the various possibilities.

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With your company

Companies are most welcome at the opera. The possibilities vary from guided tours to business seats and partnerships.

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