Frequently asked questions

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How long are performances?

Every opera production is different which means the duration of a performance also varies strongly. It ranges from approximately two hours to sometimes even four hours. This is why the start times of operas also vary. Please consult the website for a detailed timetable. The evening performances of our opera productions are usually finished around 22.45.

What if I arrive late?

Flanders Opera performances start on time. People who arrive late are not admitted to the auditorium so as not to disturb the artists' concentration. Make sure you arrive on time. Start times vary depending on how long the opera is. Check the time on the ticket and try to be on time.

Do I need to prepare to go to an opera?

Operas sometimes start mid-plot. It's always good to know what the context and the rough story line are. This is why 45 minutes before every performance a free introduction is provided in the foyer. And on the website, pictures and text material are provided together with a synopsis.

Of course you don't have to do this; you can also go unprepared and allow yourself to be surprised by the interpretation of the piece.

Is there an interval?

There is always at least one interval. To know the exact times, please check the website or go to the box office.

What should I wear?

To go to the opera you can wear whatever you want. Most people like to dress up to go to the opera but it is not compulsory.

How much does a ticket to the opera cost?

Flanders Opera is accessible to any budget: ticket prices start at a mere €10, the same as going to the movies. Several groups receive a discount: youngsters can buy tickets at very interesting prices, people with a disability enjoy a 50% discount and season ticket formulas in different price classes allow different performances to be combined at a cheaper price.

Is it true that performances are always sold out?

Certainly not. There are often empty seats at performances. It is worth finding out the day itself whether any seats are available. Youngsters aged 26 and younger can buy last-minute tickets for just € 8. But to be sure of a (good) seat it is best to book well in advance.

House rules

To enjoy our performances without disturbance there are a number of house rules. Please read them to avoid any problems.

What is Vlaamse Opera?

Do you want to find out more about Vlaamse Opera? Discover how our organisation works and find out what happens behind the scenes.