Opera building

A story in itself

Anyone entering the opera, is immediately overcome by a special feeling. The impressive buildings with the old decorations and stately stairs and pillars immediately transport you to different times: a time of red runners and sumptuous luxury. Going to a performance in this unique setting gives a visit to the opera an extra cachet.

The opera buildings are not only where the performances are held, they also tell a story. Although they are old, they haven't always been here, and both locations have already undergone thorough restorations. Ten facts give you an idea of the history of Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp and Ghent.

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Want to know more?

Want to know more? Feel free to join one of our monthly tours (in Dutch) or request a tailor-made tour. In our box offices you can also buy books about the buildings. Ask for them the next time you visit. If you want to know more about Flanders Opera as an organisation, check out our ‘behind the scenes’ section.

Hall rental

Looking for an original and inspiring location for your event? Halls can be rented both in Antwerp and Ghent. The auditorium is ideal for performances or guest speakers, whereas the foyers and ballrooms are perfect for parties, receptions, dinners or other events. Check out the extensive possibilities.