Aviel Cahn signs up for new term

Posted on 18 Oct 2012

Aviel Cahn signs up for new term

Aviel Cahn will remain intendant of Flanders Opera for the next six years. The Board of Directors has unanimously expressed its confidence in Mr. Cahn and has prolonged his contract until the 2017-18 season. For the Swiss born intendant, who came at the helm of the opera house in 2009, it will be the second term of office.

Paul Cools, the chairman of the Board of Directors, commented: ‘By appointing Aviel Cahn we opted to build up a young and highly individual opera house. And it has been a success.’

Flanders Opera has seen new and younger audiences in recent years and has been repeatedly praised for its adventurous programme of high scenic and musical standards.

By renewing this contract, Flanders Opera intends to continue with the project on the same level of innovation, creativity and quality.

Aviel Cahn does not yet want to reveal his future plans, but said: ‘We, the whole team, will continue in our efforts to make Flanders Opera an exemplary house that aims at a modern approach and presentation of opera for present-day audiences.’

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