Giuseppe Verdi (1813 - 1901)

From 30/10/1999 in Ghent - from 09/11/1999 in Antwerp

  • Francesco Ellero d'Artegna
  • Eric Raes
  • Musical direction: Massimo Zanetti
  • Ernani: Antonio Lotti
  • Elvira: Hasmik Papian
  • Don Carlo: Giovanni Meoni
  • Don Ruy Gomez de Silva: Francesco Ellero d'Artegna
  • Giovanna: Annelies Meskens

After the big fresco's  "Nabucco" and "I Lombardi", written for the Scala in Milano, Verdi dared to commit himself to a more intimite drama for the Venetian Fenice-theatre where the tension between expectations from the society and private feelings is a cventral theme.


Surtitles: Dutch.


  • Musical direction
    Massimo Zanetti
  • Chorus master
    Peter Burian
  • Ernani
    Antonio Lotti
  • Elvira
    Hasmik Papian
  • Don Carlo
    Giovanni Meoni
  • Don Ruy Gomez de Silva
  • Giovanna
  • Don Riccardo
  • Jago
    Wilfried Van den Brande

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