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Josse De Pauw, George-Alexander Van Dam (1964)

From 14/05/2013 in Antwerp - from 18/05/2013 in Ghent

  • Director: Josse De Pauw
  • Spel: Josse De Pauw / Dirk Roofthooft / Louis Van Der Waal / Sam Lowyck
  • Vocals: Collegium Vocale Gent

Music theatre Transparant

Four actor- and singer-members of Collegium Vocale Ghent present a new composition by George Van Dam for a cappella voices, inspired by the barking of dogs, chimes and a crazy laugh, plus 16th-century hymns. The celebrated actor Josse De Pauw wrote the libretto and is the director. He also plays the role of the king.

The starting point was the macabre story Escurial (1927) by Michel de Ghelderode – the Belgian author whom opera audiences know from Le Grand Macabre (Ligeti).

A performance by Josse De Pauw after a work by Michel de Ghelderode. With new music by George Van Dam and polyphony by Lassus Orlandus.


Tickets from € 12.00 to € 35.00


  • Director
    Josse De Pauw
  • Set design
    Herman Sorgeloos
  • Costumes
    Greta Goiris
  • Lightning
    Enrico Bagnoli
  • Spel
    Josse De Pauw
  • Dirk Roofthooft
  • Louis Van Der Waal
  • Sam Lowyck
  • Vocals
    Collegium Vocale Gent



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