Francesco Cavalli

From 30/04/2010 in Ghent - from 12/05/2010 in Antwerp

  • Federico Maria Sardelli
  • Mariame Clément
  • Christophe Dumaux
  • Katarina Bradic
  • Robin Johannsen
  • Josef Wagner
  • Musical direction: Federico Maria Sardelli
  • Director: Mariame Clément
  • Giasone: Christophe Dumaux
  • Medea: Katarina Bradic
  • Isifile: Robin Johannsen
  • Giove/Besso: Josef Wagner

Even for a classical hero, two shrewd women is one too many. Giasone – Jason – the leader of the Argonauts who went off to Colchis to steal the Golden Fleece, which brings its owner absolute power and eternal life, takes a break from fighting in the arms of Medea. But not without an ulterior motive: he speculates on the magical powers of this fascinating Queen of Colchis. In gratitude for his promise of marriage, Medea gives Jason a magic ring, which he uses to kill the guardian of the Golden Fleece, a terrible dragon. But on their flight to Greece, with the Fleece in their baggage, the lovers have to explain themselves to their jealous spouses, who have unexpectedly taken pursuit: Jason to Isiphile and Medea to Aegeus. In order to rid themselves of their former partners, they devise complicated murder plots which almost carry the originators of the plan into the hereafter in a most grotesque manner.


Surtitles: Dutch.




Dvd-clip Giasone - Intro
DVD-clip Giasone


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