Hold your horses

  • Copyright Lodewijk Joye


Hold your horses

Serge Verstockt (1957)

From 22/05/2013 in Antwerp

  • Concept, muziek en visuals: Serge Verstockt
  • Dramaturgie: Kathleen Coessens / Jan Vandenhouwe
  • Visuals, architect: Werner Van dermeersch
  • Technisch coördinator: Jean-Pierre Deschepper
  • Trombone, projectcoördinatie: Thomas Moore
  • Contrabas, film, synthesizer: Ann Eysermans

Champ dAction / Grand Opéra Aperta in 27 bedrijven en entr’actes

Hold your horsesis the brutal confrontation with a fragmented world that hovers between the real and the virtual. Voices, sounds, noises, cries, orders, murmuring and singing emerge from the noise of technology and ecology, dictatorship and democracy. In the libretto, loosely based on Gene Sharp’s 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action, assemblages of nature and culture flirt with divas and avatars.

Great heroes and narratives end tragically in flash news, while the ordinary man in DIY fashions himself into a hero and worships virtual stars. The moral of the story? Vulnerability prevails when the antagonisms of life break through the art of opera codes. Champ dAction’s grand opera is doomed to become an Opera Aperta.


  • Concept, muziek en visuals
    Serge Verstockt
  • Dramaturgie
    Kathleen Coessens
  • Jan Vandenhouwe
  • Visuals, architect
    Werner Van dermeersch
  • Technisch coördinator
    Jean-Pierre Deschepper
  • Trombone, projectcoördinatie
    Thomas Moore
  • Contrabas, film, synthesizer
    Ann Eysermans
  • Saxofoon, zang en woord
    Audrey Lauro
  • Viool, iPad, gamer, Miku-controller
    Takao Hyakutome
  • Toetsen en sounddesign
    Benjamin van Esser
  • (Bas)saxofoon, zang
    Peter Verdonck
  • Contrabas, zaagmachine
    Peter Jacquemyn
  • Verteller (ov.)
    Marc Reynebeau