Queen of the Night (8+)

  • Copyright Felix Kindermann


Queen of the Night (8+)

From 31/01/2014 in Ghent

  • Jan Van Outryve
  • Muziek: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Jan Van Outryve
  • Herinstudering regie: Koen Monserez
  • Concept en tekst: Gust Van den Berghe
  • Vormgeving: Laura Wallrafen
  • Koningin: Greetje Bijma
  • Papageno: Koen Janssens

Musical theatre for children, based on Mozart's The Magic Flute

The Queen of the Night lives in darkness: she is blind and cannot see anything. She cannot see that a day is coming and that the whole world – and the way it was – will change. Because everything and everyone has to make way for the sun. We exchange the night for the day, because it is much better, then we dance and we sing.

The film-maker Gust van den Berghe created this children’s show last season and in the opera house and on tour it was always full house! The vocal artist Greetje Bijma plays a compelling Queen of the Night and the Flanders Opera Children’s Chorus flutters around like her excited offspring. Just before the start of a new tour, this production will be on at the Flanders Opera in Ghent once more.


Tickets from € 5.00 to € 15.00