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Dimitar Bodurov (1979)

From 21/05/2013 in Antwerp

  • Concept, artistieke leiding, zang, spel: Claron McFadden
  • Compositie, piano, spel: Dimitar Bodurov
  • Libretto: Carola Luther
  • Film & regie: Frans Weisz
  • Spel/ zang in film: Jeroen Willems

Music theatre / Café concert by Claron McFadden

In the bar of the Hotel du Paradis a man talks about his failed love. A little later a woman talks about a broken relationship. Gradually it becomes clear that he is Adam and she is Lilith. According to Jewish mythology, Lilith was Adam's first wife, who was created simultaneously and equal to him. Lilith refuses to submit to Adam and decides to leave Paradise.

In Lilith, the opera singer Claron McFadden presents an emotionally-charged musical-theatre performance that combines classical music, jazz, sampling, theatre, film and poetry to address timeless questions about the relationship between man and woman, and man and God.

McFadden, who is a classically trained singer with a penchant for different musical styles and arrangements, places the story of Adam and Lilith in modern times and deliberately mixes different media to create breathtaking musical theatre with a strong emotional charge.


  • Concept, artistieke leiding, zang, spel
    Claron McFadden
  • Compositie, piano, spel
    Dimitar Bodurov
  • Libretto
    Carola Luther
  • Film & regie
    Frans Weisz
  • Spel/ zang in film