Luisa Miller


Luisa Miller

Giuseppe Verdi (1813 - 1901)

From 20/09/2003 in Antwerp - from 11/10/2003 in Ghent

  • Ivan Törzs
  • Guy  Joosten
  • Fiorella Burato
  • Carl Tanner
  • Bruno Caproni
  • Askar Abdrazakov
  • Musical direction: Ivan Törzs
  • Director: Guy Joosten
  • Luisa: Fiorella Burato
  • Rodolfo: Carl Tanner
  • Miller: Bruno Caproni
  • Il Conte di Walter: Askar Abdrazakov

As in Verdi’s other operas to librettos by Friedrich Schiller, "Luisa Miller" centres on the conflict between individual freedom and political power. Luisa Miller, a middle-class girl, is forced to openly forsake her love for Rodolfo, the son of Count Walter, so as not to jeopardise her father. Here, Verdi abandons the grandiose and extraverted style of his earlier operas and finds a new, much more intimate tone that is perfectly suited to Schiller’s bourgeois drama. Luisa’s sensitive characterisation points ahead to the maestro’s other gripping woman’s portraits, such as Gilda and Violetta.


Surtitles: Dutch.


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