Marketplace 76

  • Copyright Victor Lauwers


Marketplace 76

01/06/2013 in Antwerp

Jan Lauwers & Needcompany / theatre

Marktplaats 76tells the story of villagers who are startled by an explosion in which 24 people arekilled, including 7 children. The tragedy of the dead children weighs heavily on the remaining villagers. Overwhelming sadness prevails. Until one day a boat drops from the sky: ‘A lifeboat from heaven’.

In Marktplaats 76 Jan Lauwers has written a new epic and kaleidoscopic story, composed of four seasons. It is an accurate report of the villagers while they are overtaken and driven by time and who, despite everything, manage to survive heroically. Marktplaats76 reconciles such dark themes as grief and sorrow, incest and abduction, paedophilia and suicide, with excessive love, friendship, happiness and survival.

Coproducers: Ruhrtriennale and Burgtheater Vienna. With the support of the Flemish Authorities.