Lunchtime concert / Wienermelange

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Lunchtime concert / Wienermelange

23/01/2014 in Antwerp - 24/01/2014 in Ghent

Vienna and the New Year are a winning team. Hanne Roos (soprano), Stephan Adriaens (tenor) and Jef Smits (piano) will enchant you with a fine choice of arias from well and lesser known operettas. In between times you will hear instrumental gems by Fritz Kreisler and Josef Lanner, in addition to work with an Austro-Hungarian flavour.

With operetta melodies by Lehár, Kálmán, Fall, Dostal et al, performed by Hanne Roos (soprano), Stephan Adriaens (tenor) and Jef Smits (piano).

Lunchtime concert?
Every month our foyers are open for a lunchtime concert that takes a surprising musical approach to the opera on the bill at the time. The perfect opportunity to hear musicians from the chorus and orchestra performing as soloists, as well as young singers and specialists in chamber music. After the lunchtime concert you can also have a hot lunch at the neighbouring restaurant.


Tickets from € 8.00 to € 32.50