Princess Turandot (4+)

  • Copyright Stef Depover
  • Copyright Stef Depover


Princess Turandot (4+)

From 22/01/2014 in Antwerp

  • Tekst & regie: Judith Vindevogel
  • Nieuwe muziek & arrangementen: Rudi Genbrugge
  • Zang & spel: Lorenzo Caròla / Julienne De Bruyn / Rudi Genbrugge / Anna Maistriau
  • Scenografie: Stef Depover
  • Kostuums: Myriam Van Gucht
  • Dramaturgie: Hanneke Reiziger

A gruesome game

The beautiful Princess Turandot has plenty of suitors, but does not want to get married. So she thinks up a trick: each prince that wants to marry her must first solve three riddles. If he gives the right answers, he is in luck and will become her husband. But if he doesn’t get it right, as a penalty she will quite mercilessly cut off his head. Her old wet nurse, Reza, has had enough of this gruesome game, however, and begs the princess to choose a nice prince and marry him. But Turandot sticks to her decision and increasingly changes into an ice princess.
In Princess Turandot a narrator, two opera singers and a musical jack-of-all-trades take the young audience on a trip into the world of such classical composers as Lully, Mozart, Wagner, Bizet and Puccini. The audience sits on cushions in a labyrinth amidst the performers and thus experiences the fairytale from close up. After a successful performance at the opera house in Ghent last season, it can now be seen in Antwerp too. ‘Rarely has opera come so close, or has song been so evocative.’ (Wouter Hillaert in De Standaard)


Tickets from € 5.00 to € 6.00


  • Tekst & regie
    Judith Vindevogel
  • Nieuwe muziek & arrangementen
    Rudi Genbrugge
  • Zang & spel
  • Julienne De Bruyn
  • Rudi Genbrugge
  • Anna Maistriau
  • Scenografie
    Stef Depover
  • Kostuums
    Myriam Van Gucht
  • Dramaturgie
    Hanneke Reiziger



Prinses Turandot (4+)