On Bluebeard

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On Bluebeard

12/04/2014 in Ghent

In this course, the art historian Peter De Smet and Head of Dramaturgy department Luc Joosten examine the origins of Bluebeard in literary tradition and shed light on him as an opera figure. They also concentrate on Bartók’s composition and the approach taken by the Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó.

There is a lot to be said, learnt and discovered about each of the operas. Which is why the dramaturgy department is organising a number of day courses in close cooperation with Amarant vzw that explore specific operas in greater depth. Various experts in the fields of opera, musicology, history and literature are invited to share with you their views on the opera.
Please note: these courses are only in Dutch.


Tickets from € 21.00 to € 24.50