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Giacomo Puccini (1858 - 1924)

From 05/11/2013 in Antwerp - from 20/11/2013 in Ghent

  • Maurizio Barbacini
  • Frans Willem de Haas
  • Susanna  Branchini
  • Olga Romanko
  • Misha Didyk
  • Najmiddin Mavlyanov
  • Musical direction: Maurizio Barbacini
  • Director: Frans Willem de Haas
  • Toneelbeeld: Frans Willem de Haas
  • Floria Tosca: Susanna Branchini / Olga Romanko
  • Mario Cavaradossi: Misha Didyk / Najmiddin Mavlyanov
  • Il Barone Scarpia: Valery Alexeev / Gregg Baker

The passionate prima donna Floria Tosca finds herself caught up in a deadly love triangle. She falls for the charms of Cavaradossi, an artist with revolutionary leanings, but at the same time is passionately desired by the sadistic and unscrupulous police chief Scarpia. With this fatal cocktail of love, passion and jealousy, a tragic outcome is inevitable. Puccini’s musical drama was an instant hit, not only because of its blood-curdling story in true thriller style. To this day, his lyrical music has also ensured that Tosca remains one of the most popular and exciting operas in the world.

This semi-scenic staging by Frans Willem de Haas – who was director Robert Carsen’s right hand for many years – emphasises the interaction between the protagonists, and pays close attention to the score and musical performance. The highly sought-after Maurizio Barbacini directs a group of elite soloists who are highly experienced at playing the Italian repertoire. For fans of passionate Italian musical drama.

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Length:  2 h and 20 min, incl. break.

Language: Italian. Surtitles: Dutch.

Tickets from € 10.00 to € 88.00


The famous Maurizio Barbacini has the Italian temperament to conjure up a penetrating Puccini. Susanna Branchini, born and raised in Rome just like Tosca, has previously entranced Flanders Opera audiences as Elisabeth (in Don Carlos) and Aida. Misha Didyk, following on from his role as Radamès in Aida, will once again be playing her hot-tempered partner, this time in the role of Cavaradossi. The Russian baritone Valery Alexeev will be breathing life into the rogue Scarpia.



Tosca (Puccini) - warm-up - Vlaamse Opera
Tosca (Puccini) - trailer - Vlaamse Opera


'Io de’ sospiri te ne rimanno tanti' / Tosca (Puccini)
'Vissi d’arte' / Tosca (Puccini)




Introductory talk

45 minutes before the start of each opera performance. Please note: the introductions are only in Dutch.

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