Verdi–Wagner symposium

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Verdi–Wagner symposium

27/04/2013 in Ghent

In 2013 we will be commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of two opera giants: Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi. With Richard Wagner's Parsifal, a new musical-theatre work on the relationship between Wagner and Nietzsche (Tragedy of a Friendship) and Verdi's Requiem on the programme, the Flanders Opera, in collaboration with Ghent University, will turn the spotlight on the two composers.

The interaction between the opera idioms ​​of the two composers plays a central role. The symposium not only provides a platform for academics such as Gundula Kreuzer (author of Verdi and the Germans) and Mary Ann Smart (author of Mimomania), but also for theatre-maker Jan Fabre and composer Moritz Eggert, the driving forces behind Tragedy of a Friendship.

Precise details of the programme will be announced later.


In collaboration with the Department of Art, Music and Theatre Studies at Ghent University.


Tickets from € 8.00 to € 10.00