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Dirk D'Ase

From 17/05/2011 in Ghent - from 25/05/2011 in Antwerp

  • Yannis Pouspourikas
  • Stef Lernous
  • Omar Ebrahim
  • Hannah Esther Minutillo
  • Musical direction: Yannis Pouspourikas
  • Director: Stef Lernous
  • man: Omar Ebrahim
  • woman: Hannah Esther Minutillo
  • play: Laura Aernoudt / Loes Carrette / Kristof Coenen / Lotte Diependaele / Mieke Laureys / Kirsten Pieters / Ans Van den Eede / Tine Van den Wyngaert / Chiel van Berkel / Charlotte Vandermeersch / Geert Van Dijck / Nina Willems

Stef Lernous' opera debut, with music by Dirk D'Ase

Author Maurice Maeterlinck won the Nobel Prize in Literature exactly one hundred years ago, and is still the only Belgian ever to have received it. The perfect reason to create a new opera based on the work of Maeterlinck. With shreds of Maeterlinck’s work, director Stef Lernous (Abattoir Fermé) creates a strange and mysterious fairytale in which basic human fears and fantasies play a lead role. All of Maeterlinck’s signature elements make an appearance in the opera: kings and queens, blind people and lovers, vulnerable girls and old men, ships and seas, hunters and prey, the shadow and the moon, blue rooms and dark towers. In a suggestive, mystic, and sometimes perverted atmosphere, the characters move towards each other in their desire for each other and the creatures of their dreams.

Coproduction of Vlaamse Opera, deSingel, Vooruit and Abattoir Fermé. As part of the Maeterlinck year, with support of the city of Ghent.
Maeterlinckjaar Stad Gent

Attention: Ticket sales for performances in deSingel are available on the deSingel's website.


Language: French. Surtitles: Dutch.




Trailer L'Intruse
Stef Lernous over muziektheater
Stef Lernous over Maeterlinck
Stef Lernous over Opera
Stef Lernous over Opera XXI


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