Stef Lernous

  • Copyright Vlaamse Opera / Annemie Augustijns
  • Copyright Vlaamse Opera / Annemie Augustijns

Director in L'Intruse


Graphic design

Founder theater company Abattoir Fermé, Mechelen (with Tine Van den Wyngaert & Nick Kaldunski)
Artistic director, photographer, graphic design Abattoir Fermé
Theater text writer for Abattoir Fermé, Nieuwpoorttheater, Fabuleus, a.o. (exclusively for Abattoir Fermé since 2005)
Author and photographer for literary and art magazines (Etcetera, Rekto Verso, Ons Erfdeel, Parmentier)
Actor in various Abattoir creations, plays & (short) movies
Co-head and coach Department of Game at the theater training RITS (Brussels)
Fascination with the ‘world behind the world’, fantasies, rituals, physicality

Installation Het foute sprookjesbos (Nieuwpoorttheater); television series Grand Café (Canal+); Cinema Brut (Rits); radio play Radio Sunshine (Radio 1); The Snow Queen, Peter Pan for children (puppet theater De Maan); Never again, based on E.A. Poe (puppet theater De Maan); six-episode sitcom MONSTER! (coproduction Acht & Abattoir Fermé);

Recent and future productions
Direction & libretto L’Intruse based on Maurice Maeterlinck (Vlaamse Opera)

Last update on 19 April 2013

Recently engaged in

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