La Fanciulla del West


La Fanciulla del West

Giacomo Puccini (1858 - 1924)

From 03/05/2002 in Antwerp - from 25/05/2002 in Ghent

  • Silvio Varviso
  • Robert Carsen
  • Stephanie Friede
  • Philip Joll
  • Carl Tanner
  • Werner Van Mechelen
  • Musical direction: Silvio Varviso
  • Director: Robert Carsen
  • Minnie: Stephanie Friede / Kathleen Broderick
  • Jack Rance: Philip Joll
  • Dick Johnson: Carl Tanner
  • Nick: Anthony Mee

With this La Fanciulla del West Flanders Opera adds a new chapter to it's Puccinicycle which was organised with conductor Silvio Varviso and director Robert Carsen. Puccini wrote for his main character, Minnie, one of his most modern music.


Surtitles: Dutch.


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