Lunchtime concert / La mort des amants

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Lunchtime concert / La mort des amants

17/10/2013 in Antwerp - 18/10/2013 in Ghent

Songs and piano music on the theme of Liebestod and the Tristan legend

Night, ecstasy and Eros-Thanatos… During the fin-de-siècle, Tristan und Isolde and the notion of the Liebestod appealed to the imagination of artists of all types. We shall be immersing ourselves in French songs written in the wake of Tristan and in piano music that reflects on the bold harmonic idiom Wagner employed in Tristan.

With music by Debussy, Duparc, Fauré, Schoenberg, Scriabin et al. featuring Werner Van Mechelen (baritone) and Geert Callaert (piano).

Lunchtime concert?
Every month our foyers are open for a lunchtime concert that takes a surprising musical approach to the opera on the bill at the time. The perfect opportunity to hear musicians from the chorus and orchestra performing as soloists, as well as young singers and specialists in chamber music. After the lunchtime concert you can also have a hot lunch at the neighbouring restaurant.


Tickets from € 8.00 to € 32.50