Lunchtime concert / Strauss vs. Busoni

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Lunchtime concert / Strauss vs. Busoni

05/12/2013 in Antwerp - 06/12/2013 in Ghent

Violin sonatas by Richard Strauss and Ferruccio Busoni

In his Der Rosenkavalier, Richard Strauss combines a nostalgic look back at the good old days with new, 20th-century sounds. The second violin sonata by Ferruccio Busoni lies at a similar intersection of old and new, and closes with variations on a chorale by Bach.

Two monumental episodes from the chamber music of the fin-de-siècle, served up by Wietse Beels (violin) and Adriaan Jacobs (piano).

Lunchtime concert?
Every month our foyers are open for a lunchtime concert that takes a surprising musical approach to the opera on the bill at the time. The perfect opportunity to hear musicians from the chorus and orchestra performing as soloists, as well as young singers and specialists in chamber music. After the lunchtime concert you can also have a hot lunch at the neighbouring restaurant.


Tickets from € 8.00 to € 32.50