Richard Strauss (1864 - 1949)

04/02/2001 in Antwerp - 25/02/2001 in Ghent

  • Willy Decker
  • Yves Saelens
  • Corinne Romijn
  • Eric Raes
  • Vesselin Ivanov
  • Piet Vansichen
  • Musical direction: Massimo Zanetti
  • Director: Willy Decker
  • Salome: Nina Warren
  • Jochanaän: Ronnie Johansen
  • Herodes: Rudolf Schasching
  • Herodias: Joyce Castle

The best thing that ever happened to Richard Strauss was his encounter with Oscar Wilde's "Salomé". The concentrated drama of Strauss' symphonic poems was the perfect medium for Wilde's one-act play, while Wilde's rich symbolic language practically cried out for Strauss' luxuriant tonal palette.

By concentrating on the conflict between the sensuous Salome and the ascetic Jochanaan, the composer intensifies the power of the original drama.

This, his third opera, finally gave Strauss his breakthrough as a composer of music for the stage.


Surtitles: Dutch.




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