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Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski (1840 - 1893)

From 30/10/2011 in Ghent - from 16/11/2011 in Antwerp

  • Dmitri Jurowski
  • Tatjana Gürbaca
  • Valery Alexeev
  • Viktor Lutsiuk
  • Tatiana Pavlovskaya
  • Irina Makarova
  • Musical direction: Dmitri Jurowski
  • Director: Tatjana Gürbaca
  • King Nikita Danilitsj Koerljatev: Valery Alexeev
  • Prince Joeri: Viktor Lutsiuk / Dmitri Polkopin
  • Nastasja: Tatiana Pavlovskaya / Ausrine Stundyte
  • Queen Jevpraxija Romanovna: Irina Makarova / Olga Savova

Liberated woman enchants the city

In this unknown pearl by Tchaikovsky, Nastasia, owner of an inn in a Russian city, gets into trouble with the local council. Her inn is a haven for artists, ‘dreamers’ and anti-conformists. A thorn in the side of corrupt minister Mamirov, who cannot get the governor, prince Nikita, to intervene. The rivalry between Nikita and his son Yuri is fierce when both fall for the charms of the ‘enchantress’. An opera full of the contradictions between yound and old, conservatisme versus progressiveness, political governance versus personal lives.

Coproduction with Theater Erfurt.

Lenght: approximately 3 hours, including a 25 min break.

Read the full synopsis as pdf


Language: Russian. Surtitles: Dutch.

Tickets from € 10.00 to € 95.00


This is the first time Charodeika will be performed in Belgium. Grand opera Russian style with popular chorus scenes, very colourful orchestra pieces and melodic solos reminiscent of Verdi. Singers of the ensemble of the world famous Mariinski-Theatre in St. Petersburg play the main parts. Inspired opera director Tatjana Gürbaca is responsible for the direction. Prestigious opera magazine Opernwelt heaped praise on her for her direction of Mazeppa and Eugene Onegin, the two other Tchaikovsky operas she put on at Flanders Opera.



Tsjarodejka / warm-up
Trailer Tsjarodejka
TV-spot Tsjarodejka




  • CD

    Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski / Tsjarodejka

    Gennady Provatorov / Rimma Glushkova / Lev Kuznetsov a.o.
    Symfonic Orchestra of the Russian Radio and Television
    Melodiya MEL CD 10 01811

    Sold at the box offices of Antwerp and Gent (€ 32,5)

  • DVD

    Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski/ Tsjarodejka

    Pavel Reznikov / Larissa Zyryanova / Vadim Valyuta e.a.
    Nizhegorodsky State Academic Theatre Orchestra
    VAI 4528

    Sold at the box office.

  • BOOK

    Uitgeverij Boom, Amsterdam, 2006

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