Alban Berg

From 19/09/2009 in Antwerp - from 14/10/2009 in Ghent

  • Martyn Brabbins
  • Guy  Joosten
  • Gabriel Suovanen
  • Noëmi Nadelmann
  • Friedemann Röhlig
  • Thorsten Büttner
  • Musical direction: Martyn Brabbins
  • Director: Guy Joosten
  • Wozzeck: Gabriel Suovanen
  • Marie: Noëmi Nadelmann
  • Tambourmajor: Aleš Briscein
  • Hauptmann: Peter Bronder

Although the story of Wozzeck, which is based on Georg Büchner’s impressive dramatic fragment Woyzeck, is set on the margins of society, it also shows its most profound core. It is a merciless, egotistical world where the individual becomes a victim of a hollow morality, science and cheap pleasure.


Surtitles: Dutch.


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