Why a donation helps

Opera is a labour-intensive total spectacle where several artistic expressions converge. Subsidies and strong ticket sales alone are not enough.

Your generosity will help to bring the next generations together and allow them to be inspired by this complete art form. Donations are used for:

  • High-quality and new productions
  • Opera education for young and old
  • Programmes for young musical and vocal talent
  • World creations by contemporary talent
  • Large-scale public activities


From what amount is a donation tax deductible?

A donation is tax deductible from € 40 a year. You will receive a tax certificate in the account holder's name from where the contribution was deposited over the course of March following the year of payment of your donation.

Tax benefit

A donation is tax deductible from €40.

How can you make a donation?

By transfer

Donations can be deposited on our special donation account number 733-0520002-15, please put ‘donation’ and your name as reference.
IBAN: BE83 7330 5200 0215

Spreading donations

  • The total amount can be spread.
  • You won't forget to make a donation.
  • If the total amount of your donations amounts to € 40 or more, you automatically receive a fiscal certificate.
  • The payment can be changed or stopped at any moment.
  • Flanders Opera saves on printing and postage of reminders.


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