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Sponsor the Flanders Opera

You and Flanders Opera become partners: an ideal marriage. A broad advertising presence in all Flanders Opera communication (online en offline), in combination with a wide range of stylish possibilities to invite your business contacts to our performances and activities in Antwerp and Ghent.

A partnership with Flanders Opera means choosing for a stylish house of trust, that puts corporate social responsibility high on its list of priorities, building on tradition, but at the same time creative and innovative. 

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Business seats

Take a seat!

Business seats provide your company with the necessary flexibility and luxury during your visit to the opera, within a defined budget. Depending on the size of the group, we always try to find seats so you can sit together. We always provide a worked out programme, ranging from a relaxing opera visit with the necessary drinks and snacks, to a meeting with cast and crew at the première party. Business seats are already available from € 120 per person.

Our formulas

Explorer seat

  • for limited budgets or small groups: grouped seats close to the stage, drinks and snacks are provided
  • €1,200 per 10 seats

Classic seat

  • a bespoke evening: introduction to the performance, free parking, the best seats and a visit to the VIP bar
  • € 160 per person.

Classic seat+

  • all the advantages of the classic seat, including a personal tour backstage
  • € 200 per person

Première seat

  • all advantages of the classic seat, including the première party with cast and crew
  • € 260 per person.

Info & reservations

Inge Ann Vekeman / 03 202 10 11 of 09 268 10 11 / business@vlaamseopera.be